Colibri Heart Valve Receives European Patent for a Method of Making a Pre-packaged, Sterilized Dry Heart Valve, Pre-mounted on a Delivery Catheter

Broomfield, CO — 

Colibri Heart Valve LLC, a privately held emerging medical device company, has received notification from the European Patent Office that patent application No. 11751242.6 titled, “Percutaneously Deliverable Heart Valve and Methods Associated Therewith” has been granted and is expected to publish as European Patent No. 2542184 (the “European Patent”) on May 25, 2016. This European Patent is directed towards a method of making a pre-packaged, sterilized dry heart valve mounted on a delivery catheter and has priority claims dating back to March 1, 2010. This European Patent is a significant addition to Colibri’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio in the field of a pre-packaged ready-for-use transcatheter heart valve (THV) mounted on a delivery system, and represents the 15th Colibri patent allowed/granted to date.

“Colibri has invested heavily in advancing its homegrown IP portfolio supporting its founder’s vision and the receipt of this patent expands Colibri’s global market coverage in the field of a pre-mounted, pre-packaged, ready-for-use, THV product,” stated Joseph B. Horn, Colibri’s president and chief executive officer. “The addition of this patent gives Colibri a leading IP portfolio position for methods relating to the pre-mounted, pre-packaged, ready-for-use THV system, which is clearly next generation technology.”

A pre-packaged, ready-for-use, THV System provides significant time and cost benefits associated with a transcatheter heart valve replacement procedure and is ideally suited for expanding the use of this treatment modality into emerging world markets. With the strengthened patent portfolio, Colibri is positioned to advance clinical development of both balloon expandable and self-expanding applications of its pre-mounted, pre-packaged, sterilized dry heart valve technology.

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About the Colibri Heart Valve and the Ready-to-Use Colibri TAVI System

Colibri Heart Valve LLC is a privately held medical device company based in Broomfield, CO that researches and develops novel heart valve technologies. Colibri has developed a pre-mounted, pre-crimped, and pre-packaged, ready-for-use transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) device called the “Colibri TAVI System.” The TAVI procedure is an important treatment option for heart valve replacement due to its minimally invasive nature, clinical efficacy, extensive patient experience, and reduced procedural costs. Colibri’s advanced technology is a culmination of over 15 years of research and development by Colibri’s founders, Dr. David Paniagua and Dr. R. David Fish into transcatheter valve technology. Colibri’s unique tissue processing method produces extremely strong, durable, and biocompatible tissue. The proprietary method enables loading, crimping, and packaging of the Colibri valve at manufacture, making in-procedure valve rinsing and loading at time of use unnecessary. The “Colibri TAVI System” is designed to be shipped ready-for-use and will be available in multiple sizes.

Colibri’s corporate headquarters and pre-commercialization facilities are located in Broomfield, Colorado with R&D located in Houston, Texas. For more information, visit: