Colibri’s manufacturing process provides significant operational, quality, and cost advantages over traditional “wet” technologies as it ensures controlled and accurate valve crimping and placement on the delivery system and eliminates the need for cleaning, mounting, crimping, and loading of valves at the point of use.

Balloon Depolyment

The Colibri TAVI balloon expandable delivery system utilizes a custom-made non-compliant, high pressure balloon that provides controlled and accurate heart valve expansion and placement.

TAVI System

The Colibri Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (“TAVI”) System is the only true low profile transcatheter aortic heart valve that uses dry tissue technology to allow for a pre-mounted, pre-crimped, and pre-loaded heart valve that is sterilized and ready-for-use.

The Colibri TAVI System utilizes a custom-made balloon expandable delivery system that secures the valve and protects the anatomy during valve advancement through the vasculature.

Valve Design